Feishen is a leading manufacturer in the electric mobility industry. Since the creation of Feishen, we have highly regarded innovation as the second priority after developing capability. We realize the importance of customer feedback and market trend and maintain our sustainable advantages through innovation.

 For example, we captured the trending of remote control model cars among the teens influenced by the respective anime given the poor quality, however, of the products in the Chinese market. Feishen’s R&D department hence prioritized its resource and time to research the remote control models. Thanks to their great effort and expertise, Feishen was able to complete the research and produce and sell the products in time when the fever toward the product was still around in the market. This is just one of many campaigns in the 20 years of Feishen’s business journey and footprint. 

As one of the largest manufacturers in China, we are looking forward to work with clients in a variety of areas, not just the manufacturing sector.

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