Marketing and Sales Support

Let's Partner Up!

As our partners, Your passion is connecting riders with quality products that are reliable and dependable. A statement that rings true for only the best of the best retailers. Feishen Strives to be a valuable business partner to all our Retailers and Dealers.

We listen, learn and collaborate with your team to make certain that your staff have the tools that they need to best support your growing e-bike and e-scooter community. When you partner with us, you have reliability on your side.

Innovation Partner

Feishen Offers a new Innovative way of Partnership build on e-Commerce along with the Traditional Distributor Model.

For All our Distributors, we offer production efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

Feishen actively improves and upgrades its business model, not only providing products with guaranteed quality but also providing marketing services. Our marketing services include not only the production of pictures, videos, and websites but also promotion services.

In response to the trend of e-commerce sales, Feishen has built a professional global e-commerce marketing team and we assist distribution agents in transforming from offline sales to online sales. Based on the current situation and competitive landscape of partners, we provide you with a full set of website construction, marketing plans, and complete tracking services.

Marketing Partner

Our Marketing and Sales Support includes:

1.Production support: Feishen Marketing Headquarters will produce pictures and videos and place these materials on a shared platform. As long as you are a signed agency partner, you will have the opportunity to download this material for use. If you have special needs, Feishen’s production team can shoot globally, including all kinds of pictures and productions in your country.

2.E-Commerce support: Feishen has professional website marketing personnel, including e-commerce sites for B2C uses, such as Shopify and Amazon. We create effective websites based on your needs and assist in brand promotion.

3.Marketing support: For the Partner’s Shopify website, we will deploy professional staff to assist and train your team in promotion & operation, including the use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and the video platforms such as YouTube and Tiktok.

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