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Feishen is the World’s leading manufacturer of innovative vehicles, dedicated to providing customers with innovative mobility solutions for 20 years. According to the diversified characteristics of the market, we have designed hundreds of different environmentally-friendly vehicles, which can meet customers’ various transportation needs.

Our Products

Feishen has an annual output of more than 100 models and 2 million vehicles. Our products cover electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards, RVs, and other categories, which can meet the diversified transportation needs of people.

We provide products to all ages of customers. For example, we have specifically designed products like balance bikes for small children just learning to ride a bike to electric scooters and bicycles to fit the needs of teenagers and adults alike.

Feishen’s diversified product styles, innovative product design, and world-renowned designer team are worthy of your trust.

Our Experiences

In the 20 years since its establishment, Feishen has been at the forefront of innovation in electric vehicles. From our initial founding and learning in the domestic market to be a reputable player in the International market, Feishen’s development is a Pioneering History driven by Innovation. Starting as a Regular Chinese factory, Feishen has set up a series of core research and development institutions, including:

● The Academy Workstation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

● Provincial high-tech research institute of Special Vehicles, and High-tech enterprise research center.

● Series of Research and Development core institutions in China.

Through our work, Our Products are also constantly optimized, and today they have become indispensable to European and American families’ transportation needs.

Our Team

The Research and Development team of Feishen is composed of Elite Designers of all age groups, including excellent Senior designers with rich innovative experience who have been serving the product research and development since the company was founded, as well as fresh talents who have joined in recent years from top universities, combining the knowledge of contemporary design trend and solid design skills.

The leadership team of Feishen is a visionary one. Instead of focusing on sales and profits from a single product, we take improving the travel experience of users around the world and redefining the way people travel as our long-term goal.

Thanks to the strategic development strategy of the leading team, Feishen has made one innovative product breakthrough after another in recent years. Feishen’s production team is made up of hard-working Craftsmen, the respectful individuals behind the internationally renowned Products.

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