The most important measurement of a manufacturer is certainly its capabilities. In the case of electric mobility, how many vehicles can they produce? Do they have enough capacity for our order? Can they meet our expectations in both quality and time? Are they too expensive? From the perspective of a potential client, the answers to those questions may differentiate a good and also fit manufacturer from another.

To address your concerns simply, statistically speaking Feishen’s factories over the past years produce 2 million vehicles annually. The area of factories is in total 300, 000 square meters, one of the largest in the electric mobility industry. In total, Feishen’s fixed assets are worth $ 280 million.

In short, as an enterprise with 20 years of experience in the industry, the greatest strength of Feishen is its capabilities. With the help of capabilities, the manufacturing cost of the products is significantly reduced (and hence the cost for the client is also decreased) and products are always delivered in time. That will put our clients in a strategically advantageous position in the global supply chain in order to outperform their competitors and quickly respond to the change in the market with respect to the customers and policymakers.

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