Distribution partnership

Feishen is different from other original equipment manufacturers because of the unique distribution partnership we develop. Every other original equipment manufacturer is specializing in producing the products based on the offer given by their clients. But we are different from them because we offer marketing&sales support to the clients. The following explains what we mean by that.

First of all, we support our clients with marketing materials. That means we can help you find the fit models, scriptwriters who speak their mother languages, and the local director team (in America, Europe… based on your demand) to take pictures and videos to promote products and ascend your brand value.

Secondly, we also provide the clients with e-commerce support. We have the designers to help you design and redesign your website, IT departments to apply those designs, integrate the videos, pictures, scripts you may have received from our marketing department.

Third, we also offer promotional support on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok… by providing you with the marketing specialists who come from those companies. Most of them are Northern Americans and Western Europeans and thus they know the local market no different than the local firms whose services are however more expensive.

Next, as more and more brands and businesses are moving to Shopify, we also open a Shopify department to assist the client to create&manage the website on Shopify and to analyze the stat and sell the products.

Last but not the least, Feishen has integrated all of the four into one. It means that while you can choose any service from the four, it is in your best interest to have the integrated service from us since it’s cheap and saves time, and lowers the risk. Leaving the rest to us will allow you to concentrate all the resources and capabilities on the key areas.

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