Product line

In the electric mobility industry, Feishen has built a reputation for manufacturing the e-scooter and e-bike on a large scale and delivers in time as always.

However, Feishen is more than that. Feishen’s product line has expanded to recreational vehicles, medical rehabilitation vehicles, and even intelligent drones such that more than 100 models of vehicles are included in the annual production of Feishen’s factories. Especially since Feishen has strategically repositioned itself in the market in recent years, our enterprise has been gathering the expertise and accumulating capabilities in order to further diversifying our product line.

Since we are preparing to enter countless new markets in the electric mobility industry and other areas, we welcome all sorts of clients who may have either a diverse or concentrated product line or are strategically planning to enter the new market or maintain the share in the existing market. We look forward to hearing from you and to accomplish the wonder together.

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